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Dekoi Colorado Spinner Blade Jig Heads, 5 pack

Dekoi Colorado Spinner Blade Jig Heads are the perfect lure for highly pressured or timid fish as well as shallow water. A compact small profile presents a more natural and less intimidating target for Trout, Bream, Bass, EP’s, Sooties etc.

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Resembling a standard rigid jig head with an added jig spinner, Dekoi Spinner Jig Heads are an ‘overspin’ style jig head that allows you to quickly and easily add flash and vibration when slow trolled or cast and retrieved.

The 1/16oz tapered head design provides a stabilising keel to the rig, with the smooth finish nickel coated Colorado blade acting to slow down the sink speed. They can be used with almost any type of soft plastic lure, that will fit the super sharp size 4 brass hook, to dramatically increase your chance of hooking up.