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Finesse Chisana Crankbait Lures


Small lures, used in fresh- and saltwater fishing scenarios, can increase your catch rate, and if set up correctly, are able to catch big and small fish.

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With the Finesse Chisana Crankbaits, the laterally aligned ball bearing rattle give added noise and added action to the lure, making these lures great to use in dirty water, low light or even dark situations. The rattle helps active fish find and track the lure.

With the smaller lure comes the handicap of shorter casting distances and schooling fish are notoriously hard to approach for boat anglers. Using a longer rod and smaller diameter braid fishing lines will give an increase to casting distance. Fished around snags, these lures are great for species including Bream, Bass, Trout, Sooties etc

  • Length; 45mm
  • Weight; 4gm
  • Trebles; 2 x size #10 black nickel coated