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Finesse Kabura Jig Assist Skirts, 3 Pack


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There are two parts to Kabura Sliding Jigs: the heavy sliding head and the fly, which consists of a skirt of silicon strands combined with an assist hook or two. The Finesse Kabura Skirts pack enables the lure head to be tuned to the conditions being experienced when out fishing and the target species.

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When you drop a Kabura Jig down to the sea floor, the head falls faster than the skirt or ‘fly’, so slides down along the line with the fly trailing behind. The fly is then able to wave weightlessly around, enticing fish to bite. Fish the lure slowly or even leave it in the rod holder and let the action of the boat do the work.

Available separately, the Finesse Jig Assist Pack includes -

  • Qty 3 x Skirts
  • Qty 3 x pre-assembled Assist Hook Rigs (various sizes)
  • Qty 3 x Solid Rings
  • Qty 3 x Beads

* Jig Heads featured are available separately