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Finesse L Series Diving Minnow Lures


Finesse L Series Minnow’s are 95mm long and weigh 10.5 grams. A slow sinking lure, they have a lively swimming action in the water, and will readily get to 1-2 metres on a retrieve.

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The laterally aligned ball bearing rattle adds noise, the bib gives it great shimmy, and the laser hex finishes, available on some models, will give added flash. These lures are particularly good when casting into areas where and an immediate drop is needed, such as around snags, vertical drops etc.

L Series Minnow's have a quality finish, and are fitted with black nickel coated, salt resistant, VMC trebles, and 3D eyes. Available in a choice of solid and laser hex colours.



(*Body length 80mm + bib)