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Finesse Leapfrog Deep Diver, 100mm, 13gm


Leapfrog lures are high visibility lures, intended to attract a range of species ranging from Murray Cod in the freshwater to Barramundi in the salt.


The broad bib facilitates an aggressive wobble as water spills around the edge of the lure, and a fast steep diving action designed to get the lure down to the required depth quickly. Equipped with a ball bearing rattle to attract attention, and 2 x size 4 heavy duty treble hooks with flattened saltwater split rings, the 100mm total lure length comprises a body length of 65mm, and a Bib length of 35mm.

The Finesse Leapfrog Lure 5 Pack includes - Lime Blue, Lemon Lime, Purple Demon, Orange Fire and Hi Vis.