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Finesse MK21 Shallow Diving Lures, 130mm, 15gm


When garfish are active on the surface target species will have their heads up looking for a feed.


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The MK21 Shallow Diving lures have short square bibs angled at approximately 45% to the axis of the 130mm long body. The 15gram weight makes them easy to cast, and the three size 6 black nickel coated trebles provide lots of hook up points along the lures length.

Designed to be used around submerged structure, the square bib aids in guiding these long skinny minnows. As they are twitched and paused during a retrieve they glide from side to side as they simulate garfish on the surface.

These lures have a tight, pronounced wobble, creating a lot of vibration in the water and great casting characteristics gained from the laterally aligned ball bearing rattle. This lure will perform well across a range of conditions and can be cast across long distances or slow trolled as required.