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Finesse MK50 Swimbait, 105mm Fishing Lures


As most predatory fish will actively feed laterally or upwards as opposed too downwards it makes sense that a bait that works above the fish, and suspends or sinks slowly and naturally towards it, will be far more appealing.

Murray cod, barramundi, as well as trout, bass, golden perch, saratoga, bream and flathead, for instance, will all enthusiastically hit a Swimbait.

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Australia boasts one of the largest selections of big predatory fish that are the perfect target for Swimbaits.

Where many lures only imitate a fish, a Swimbait exhibits an action with it's segmented body, that is arguably the most realistic of any bait with a design that provides a full and tight S-shaped swimming action.

Swimbaits work best when retrieved at a slow to medium pace. It can even be made to about-turn and face a following fish. To do so, let the bait come to a pause during a slow roll retrieve and just as it loses momentum and comes to rest, give the reel handle a quick half-turn. Most swimbaits will pivot 180 degrees and face the fish, which will almost always result in a strike.

  • Weight; 14gm
  • Length; 105mm
  • Trebles; 2 x Nickel coated Size 4
  • Number of segments; 3