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Finesse MK54 Big Vibe, 80mm, Fishing Lures


MK54 series Big Vibe lipless crankbaits are designed to attract reaction strikes. Weighing 10 grams and 80mm long, with 2 black nickel coated size 6 trebles, these sinking vibration lures are great performers across a wide range of River and Reef species.

The thin profile of the MK54 gives them a fast, tight vibrating action, that also reduces the effort of hauling them back through the water.

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The most common way to fish them is with a sink-and-draw type retrieve which puts less strain on you and allows the lure to flutter or wobble down through the water column on the pause.

When jigging vertically, let the lure hit bottom, then raise it a small distance before beginning your action, keeping it above the weed bed and in the most productive strike zone where the internal rattles can produce their low level sound, attracting predatory fish.