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Finesse Naturals 4 Segmented Swimbait, 110mm Fishing Lures


Where many lures only imitate a fish, the Finesse 4 Segment Swimbaits try to replicate them with more dorsal height and girth than the typical hard body plastic crankbait or minnow, and a range of natural appearing finishes.

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These lures have more ‘presence’ and greater visibility, giving them the ability to attract fish because they are better seen and better detected via the target fish’s lateral line.

Murray cod, barramundi, mulloway and snapper are the prime target species for this type of lure, but many other common species, such as Trout, Bass, Golden Perch, Saratoga, Bream and Flathead, will all avidly hit a swimbait.

The most obvious advantage a segmented lure has over other lure types is the ability to swim more naturally because the multiple pieces move independently. They swim like a fish when retrieved but the weight distribution of a swimbait also makes it look far more natural on the pause ensuring it’s effective throughout the whole retrieve.

Another advantage of a swimbait is that it can be made to about-turn and face a following fish. Let the bait come to a pause during a slow roll retrieve and just as it loses momentum and comes to rest, give the reel handle a quick half-turn. Most swimbaits will pivot 180 degrees and face the fish, which will almost always result in a strike. Once you get this down pat you can incorporate it into any retrieve, regardless of whether you can see the bait or not.

Fitted with Size 4 Black Nickel coated, rust resistant, round bend trebles, these lures weigh approx. 16.5grams. Available in a number of lifelike ‘natural’ finishes.