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Finesse Rumoika Squid Jig, 2 pack


We know that squid are colour-blind and, despite having retinas similar to ours, they see in monochrome (black and white) as well as seeing UV or ultraviolet light and bioluminescence, which they use to hunt their prey. Crabs, prawns, and a variety of other crustaceans, contain bioluminescence on and in their bodies, which makes it easier for squid to find them.

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Made from quality components, Finesse Rumoika Squid Jigs are super tough, and give excellent stability and buoyancy in the water. The lumo-glow body is made from an ABS Resin covered with a reflective squid mesh. They feature -

  • dual stainless steel crowns
  • an internal ball bearing rattle
  • hardened super sharp needles
  • a vertical towing eye to keep the lure stable and travelling straight, and
  • precision placed keel weight to give these jigs the best, most realistic sink rate.

Also included, is a clip-on cover for the hook crown.

  • 2 lures per pack
  • Size 3.5, Wgt 20gm (approx), length 13cm
  • Size 2.5, Wgt 12.8gm (approx), length 10.5cm