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Finesse Slow Pitch Flutter Fishing Jig, 60gm, 2 pack


Finesse Slow Pitch Jigs weigh 60 grams and have a length of 90mm. They feature a keel design that has the express purpose of keeping the lure flat and imparting the correct swimming motion.

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When fishing in slightly shallower or slow current situations, the flatter and more leaf shaped slow pitch jig will spend more time fluttering about on the fall, and can make the difference attracting nearby predators.

The action used for fishing a slow pitch jig is fairly simple, and requires much less energy than speed jigging. Release the jig to the bottom allowing it to fall as quickly as it wants to, this imparts the best action.

Slow pitch jigs need to be worked a little more slowly, and also retrieved at a smooth, steady pace when winding up to avoid them spinning and twisting the line. The lure falling and skittering creates its own action and entices fish to strike just as aggressively. The bands of luminous paint and reflective surfaces also entice bites.