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Finesse Wobbler Diving Lure


Finesse Wobbler Diving Minnows are floating minnow lures with a weight of approximately 5.5 grams, a 60mm long body, and bib length of 35mm (approx). Features include laser hex patterns, transparent and solid colours, and size 8 heavy duty saltwater resistant trebles.

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They can be worked successfully over the top of snags and other fish holding features like oyster racks. Because they float, you can avoid trouble by simply stopping the retrieve and allowing the lure to float back to the surface.

These snaggy areas are highly productive places to swim a lure, and it is certainly easier to fish them with a floating diving minnow than it is with some other types of lures.

The ball bearing rattle located at the head of the lure body gives these lures a horizontal alignment when sitting in the water, and a realistic swimming action that will stimulate predatory fish into violent attacks, in both freshwater and seawater environments.

Available in 5 colours –

  • Silver Mullet
  • Ballistic Green
  • Olive Camo
  • Red Head
  • Silver Blue