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Rig Ezy 175mm Utility Knife & Sheath


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Rig Ezy’s Utility Knife is a single piece blade made of 3mm 440 grade stainless steel, with a blackened blade and flint, housed in a flat canvas style heavy duty belt sheath. The blades total length is 175 mm, including the handle, with a cutting blade of 80mm long. The shaped handle has a nonslip rope grip, reducing any risk when things get a bit slippery, and a hook and loop fastener on the knife strap to keep it secure when sheathed.

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440 grade stainless steel has a carbon content range between .95% to 1.20% and is generally considered a higher-end steel. It provides a good mixture of hardness and corrosion resistance,

When space is at a premium and things can get tight, the sheathed set measures less than 20mm high, 180mm long and 60mm making it an excellent selection for the tackle box. It can fit most belts to 40mm wide if being worn when hunting and camping.