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Rig Ezy 90cm Extendable Fishing Gaff


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Rig Ezy Extendable Fishing Gaffs are made from quality materials. Featuring a stainless steel 45% (approx) offset hook and a non slip handle, these gaffs are ideal for when storage space is at a premium.

Extending to 90cm in length, in three sections, these gaffs suit most tinny and kayak fishing requirements, and will handle fish of around the metre mark.

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Make sure the gaff hook is facing downward and toward the boat as the fish is brought alongside. Don't gaff a fish toward the tail. Rather, bury the gaff in the forward shoulder of the fish. Always aim for the top of the fish toward the head for more control and to protect the meat.

As with all gaffs, when the fish has been hooked, retrieve the gaff in a similar fashion as you would a rope ie hand over hand, and not through a lifting action at an angle to the body. Lifting at an angle will bend the device.