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Rig Ezy Fishing Multitool, Black


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Along with the range of tools the Rig Ezy Fishers Multi-tool offers, is the ability to easily carry the multi-tool around with you in your tackle box. Multi-tools are lightweight and you won’t even know you are carrying one, until the moment when you need it

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Designed to give the fisher the ability to build heavy duty rigs, keep hooks sharp, or just get them out of a mouth, and even open a bottle while out on the water, Rig Ezy’s Fishers Multitool has a set of tools that are easy to deploy, comfortable in the hand, and won’t break a fingernail when you're trying to open a tool.

They come with a sheath that allows them to go onto a belt if required.

Made from stainless steel and aluminium the set of tools include -

  • Split Ring pliers with crimper and wire cutter.
  • Can opener
  • Hook Eye cleaning awl
  • Serrated Blade with hook sharpening file (on one side) and gauge point
  • Blade
  • Bottle Opener
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • There is also a safety line attachment point.

Measurements: 100mmL x 40mmW when closed, and 170mmL (approx.) when pliers opened.