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Rig Ezy Hook & Knife Sharpening Kit


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The Rig Ezy Hook & Knife Sharpening Kit includes a lightweight and compact, folding knife sharpener and a keyring sized hook sharpener.

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Both items have diamond grit based sharpening surfaces suitable for putting a fine edge of any knife or hook. Not just a fishing tackle accessory!

  • The Rig Ezy, double sided, folding knife sharpener has a folded length of 120mm, and an unfolded length of 226mm.
  • The included Rig Ezy Hook Sharpener is an ultralight design suitable for inclusion in any tackle box, and includes a keychain and lanyard hole. Size: 63mm x 18mm.

Diamond sharpening plates should only be used dry; do not use water when sharpening blades.