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Rig Ezy Fishing Line Rigging Tool


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Lightweight and portable, easy to carry and store in the tackle box, the Rig Ezy Fishing Line Rigging Tool can be used to tie a range of fishing knots, including fly line to leader, line to line, line to hook etc.

The Rig Ezy Line Rigging Tool is a stainless steel knot tying tool that also includes a heavy-duty line clipper with non-slip grip, hook eye cleaner, and a hook sharpener, all in a single unit. Also included in the kit is a retractable 60cm safety lanyard with clip so that you can attach the tool to a belt, utility belt or back pack, as required, to keep it safe and at hand.

See rigging images for information on how to use the Rig Ezy Line Rigging Tool.

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