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Rig Ezy, Lip Grippers


Make fast work of landing and releasing your catch without harm to you or the fish, Rig Ezy Lip Grippers are a simple design and easy to use.  Built from easy to clean and durable, heavy-duty PP plastic for ultimate corrosion resistance, they feature one hand operation and are equipped with a quick release mechanism, locking easily when holding a fish and releasing with ease.

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Each Lip Gripper includes a wrist lanyard for security and can be attached to a scale. Lip Grippers are luminescent, making them easier to spot in the bottom of the tackle box or boat deck when night fishing.

Small Lip Grippers

  • Material: PP plastic
  • Max Loading: 30kg
  • Item length: 17.5cm
  • Max opening width: 50mm
  • Item weight: approx 50gm

Large Lip Grippers

  •  Material: PP plastic
  • Max Loading: 50kg
  • Item length: 25cm
  • Max opening width: 50mm
  • Item weight: approx 120g

Lip Grippers of this type are considered the more fish friendly device than the older design, 'pincer' type, metal based grippers, and are the recommended solution to holding fish by most Australian Fishery authorities.