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Rig Ezy Straight Fishing Pliers, Black


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Every tackle box needs a set of pliers. Not just to provide assistance with getting hooks out of your catch, but also when it comes to servicing your reels, lures, or cutting rigging wire and line. Perfect for use in confined places; in a boat, in a Yak, or when back packing into those hard to find fishing spots. Their capabilities also include crimping, wire and line cutting, and as a gripper.

Riz Ezy pliers have a strong and durable stainless steel construction and a compact ergonomic design that fits easily in the tackle box. Easily cleaned, they have an open design, with clip lock and non-slip spring grip. They are 175mm long and 90gm in weight (approx. excludes sheath weight). The included belt sheath is made of a durable synthetic material.

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