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Swimerz Skinny Drop Shot Sinkers


The slim profile of Swimerz Drop Shot weights get your rig to down quickly to where the fish are, and the cylindrical shape of the weight permits the weight to slip through rocks and snags without hanging up.

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Usually attached 30-45cm below the hook, so that the lure or bait is presented in the face of fish that are positioned just off the bottom, they feature a high quality swivel clip designed to keep twists out of the line, and to allow quick weight attachment. The sinkers suit finesse fishing soft plastic lures, where the lure and hook are in line with each other, or bait fishing in paternoster type rigs, in ‘vertical’ fishing situations.

The swivel clip used in Swimerz Skinny Drop Shot sinkers will hold the line without the need to tie the sinker directly to the clip, or use a loop, slipping off the rig when they get hung up without breaking off the hook.

Simply tie a knot at the required distance from the lure (or bait), and thread the knot through the eye of the sinker, pulling the knot into the clip tightly. The knot will then be held in the clip. Then, all you have to do is clip on another weight when required, and you're back to fishing without re-tying the whole rig.