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Swimerz 100mm Vibro Tail Soft Plastics Lures 5 pack


An innovative design, Swimerz ‘VTail’ soft plastic lures are also known as a flutter tail or ribbon tail type lure.

This extended curly tail can be more effective than traditional shapes as it provides an improved level of cavitation in the water, resulting in an action similar to that of an escaping and injured bait fish, prompting the target species into a reaction.

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They can be rigged on standard and weedless jig heads, as weedless rigs using bullet sinkers, or on dropper rigs, for example. Swimerz VTail also comes with a shallow split belly to enable better hook placement in the lure or to hold scents.

Depending on water colour, target species and fisher preferences for lure colour, these lures are awesome for fresh water species like Trout, Silver and Golden Perch, and Murray Cod. In the salt, these have proven to be effective against a broad range of species like Flathead, Jew and Snapper, pelagics and reefies; any species that readily take plastics - And some that don't!