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Swimerz Arrowhead Jig Head, Lead


Swimerz Arrowhead Jig Heads enable soft plastics fishers to interchange hook and lure setups quickly and easily, fine tuning their rig to suit the species being targeted, conditions being fished, and allowing improved presentation of the preferred type of soft plastic lure.

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Arrowhead Jig Heads are ideal for fast currents as they cut through the water with minimal resistance. They can be matched with a broad size range of wide gape, short and long shank hooks and soft plastic lure designs such as flutter tail, curly and paddle tails.

Swimerz Arrowheads are as effective in the ocean and estuaries as it is in the fresh. Clipping on virtually any hook size or design, and have it swinging freely behind the jig head, gives the ability to add extra life and movement. Work them with a rip and drop action, or a slow roll. They excel when fished with a swimming “jig” retrieve.