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Swimerz 95mm Vibe, Soft Plastics Lures – 2 pack


Swimerz Soft Vibes are a traditional fork tail type soft plastic lure. At 95mm long and 20g in weight they can be fished in current, vertically jigged in deep water, cast or slow trolled.

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They’re easy to use and deadly on catching fish, which is a great combination. For the most part, the best retrieve is one long draw. From a position where the lure is resting on the bottom, simply raise the rod tip to about 11 o’clock and then let it drop back on taut line.

Feel the vibration of the lure do the work as it gets lifted. That’s all that is needed to get big fish to make an effort to eat it. Striking to set the hook is more direct when keeping the line taut, which helps with hook up rate.



If you want to work them in the shallows, commencing a fairly rapid retrieve as soon as the lure hits the water will achieve this.