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Swimerz Compact Swinging Jig Head Pack


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The Swimerz range of Cheburashka Clip-On Jig Heads give your rigged plastics extra movement both on the retrieve and on the drop.

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It allows your ‘weedless’ rigged plastics to be dropped down through deep weed beds and trees and places that other conventional jig heads won’t reach. They are ideal for targeting schooled fish in submerged timber.

This Compact Pack provides the flexibility for you to create your own combinations of Swinging Jig Heads with 30 Swimerz wide gape worm hooks in 5 sizes, matched to 7 weights of Swimerz Clip On Jig Heads. With weights ranging from 1 gram to 10 grams, you can rig all your favourite soft plastics on this range of jig heads.