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Swimerz Copper Double Crimp, 50 Packs


Designed for use with heavy monofilament and wire lines, Swimerz crimps are made from copper and are highly corrosion resistant. Copper is also more easily crimped that alternative materials such as aluminium and steel, with fractures being much less likely to occur.

They are smooth bore and burr free on the edges.

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Using crimps makes rigs stronger, as there are less knots in the rig. It is also much quicker to make rigs using crimps rather than tying dropper knots, and it easier to be accurate when it comes to making hook lengths the correct length to meet a bait clip or impact shield.

Crimps are slid over the line and then gently squeezed in place using special crimping pliers. Crimps only need to be softly pressed into place. Overtightening crimps can damage the line, and it is also important that crimps are pressed in the centre, as pressing the edge or a crimp into monofilament can cut into the line.

Available in 1.6mm (line sizes to 1.4mm diameter), 1.4mm (line sizes to 1.2mm diameter) and 1.2mm (line sizes to 1.0mm diameter) inner diameter sizes.