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Swimerz Duo Lock Fishing Snaps


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Swimerz Duo Lock Snaps are made from coated 304 grade stainless steel, giving them great corrosion resistance and strength. Duo-Lock Snaps provide a fast and easy method for changing lures while not inhibiting lure action at all and can be crimped permanently shut if required.

Ideal for making quick adjustments, the Swimerz Duo Lock Snap allows anglers to cycle through lure colours and sizes without ever having to re-tie. Designed with rounded ends to keep your line and lure centred, the Swimerz Duo Lock Snaps ensure a centred pull point on the lure, maximizing action at all times.

Swimerz Duo Lock Snaps, Size, Test Kg, Length

• Size 00, 8kg test weight, 10.5mm length
• Size 0, 11kg test weight, 12.5mm length
• Size 1, 17kg test weight, 14.5mm length
• Size 2, 23kg test weight, 17mm length
• Size 3, 28kg test weight, 20.5mm length