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Swimerz Italian Snap Closed Eye Connectors


Swimerz Italian Snaps are a closed eye snap. Extra strong for heavier applications, these snaps are an inline rigging type with rounded base, and with a straight pull from the mainline to the connected bait or lure. Made from stainless steel these snaps are highly corrosion resistant.

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Swimerz Italian Closed Eye Snaps

(Note: Measurements may vary slightly.)

Swimerz Italian Snap, Closed Eye

Swimerz Italian Closed Eye Snaps, Test Kg

• Size 00, 5kg test weight
• Size 0, 7kg test weight
• Size 1, 12kg test weight
• Size 2, 18kg test weight
• Size 3, 35kg test weight
• Size 4, 45kg test weight