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Swimerz Rolling Swivel w Interlock Snap


Swimerz Rolling Swivel with Interlock Snap are a heavy duty, brass, rolling swivel combined with a black nickel coated stainless steel interlock snap; a flat plate housing into which the snap wire locks for a secure connection.

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They are a popular attachment to the end of a main line to facilitate quick leader replacements, can be tied to the end of leaders for quick lure replacements, or used as rigging ends for wire traces.

Solid and extremely durable, these swivel/snaps hold the line in parallel, and provide better lure action than a rigid knot. They also keep line from fraying at lure-tie points.

Swimerz Rolling Swivel w Interlock Snap, Test Kg

• Size 6, 30 Kg Test strength
• Size 8, 19 Kg Test strength
• Size 10, 14 Kg Test strength
• Size 12, 9 Kg Test strength
• Size 14, 7 Kg Test strength