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Swimerz Round Bend Trebles, Black Nickel


If you are a serious angler you no doubt change the treble hooks on your lures on a regular basis, as they become worn.

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The general rule of thumb when considering the best treble hook option when re rigging is that lures that fish often just swipe at will have a better hooking percentage using a round bend.

Perfectly engineered to penetrate quickly and hold on tight while the fish tries to shake the lure free, the classic round bend treble hook has been a favourite with fishermen all over the globe, and is a great and reliable replacement hook for your hard body and metal lures, or as a stinger on a bait rig.

Forged from the finest high-carbon steel, the hook features unmatched strength and value for money. The round bend has a larger radius at the bend than regular treble hooks, with the spear points on Swimerz Round bend trebles running straight up from the throat, giving you great penetration and limited damage to the fish. They’re also easier to sharpen than more elaborate varieties.