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Swimerz Single Assist Hooks


Assist hooks are connected to your lure via a length of heavy duty braided cord. This gives them the ultimate in manoeuvrability to ‘swing’ around and catch your fish in all different types of places. The eye of the hook and line tie are plastic coated for added protection.

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Normally, one assist hook can be used for both bigger and smaller targets when using these hooks on metal jigs.

Rigging options include:

1) using a big hook with a gape bigger than the jig width, and

2) use a single hook on short jigs where the width of the hook is equal to or wider than, the body of the jig. It is important the hook placement should not snag on the jig body.

Where 2 assist hooks are required they can be combined in two ways –

1) use hooks with a curve equal to or greater than the width of the jig body, particularly when using long and slim jigs as well as normal shapes, or

2) if using short jigs the assist hooks should be narrower than the jigs body. Again, consider whether the hooks can snag on the jig body they are to be used with.

When using 2 Assist Hooks strikes are typically more successful than when using a single hook. Even if only one hook enters the mouth, the other one will hook on somewhere else.

Break off's are not common with this rig. Using 2 x individual single assist hooks instead of 1 x double assist hook will also give your jig added redundancy should one be damaged during a hook up with toothy things.

These small, lighter assist hooks can also be used very successfully on hard-bodied lures. All you need do is either replace the trebles with assists or add them to the split rings holding the trebles. Assist hooks can also be used with soft plastics and are secured to the bend of the jig hook.

  • High Strength Black Nickel coated Carbon Steel
  • Braided PE line
  • Available sizes - 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0