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Swimerz Teardrop Sinker, Lead


Use Swimerz Teardrop Sinkers for bottom dropping rigs, sabiki and similar types of bait jigs, off a beach or shore. Teardrop sinkers provide a distinct advantage when fishing straight down under the boat, and offers benefits for bottom fishing over a wreck or reef, and fishing on or around jetties or pilings.

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• The teardrop shape heightens sensitivity due to all the collected feedback from bottom contact being bottlenecked up towards the line tie and makes them slip in and out of cover more efficiently.

• The brass roller bearing swivel helps reduce line twists, and to create a more natural presentation.

• These sinkers cast well in the wind which makes them ideal for shore fishing.

Whether you want to drop shot into thick cover or across rock areas with heavy line, offshore structure with light line, Swimerz teardrop sinkers are offered in a wide range of sizes to suit any application.