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Tambo Tackle Snapper Fishers Gift Pack


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It’s not just Snapper fishers who will have a great time out with this matched set off jigging tackle, but any fisher who likes reef fishing. There are a range of metal jigs included, and all the bits to rig up as needed on the day.

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Whether a Kabura style sliding head jig is the fav, or a slow pitch flutter jig is getting all the attention on the day, there’s a bunch of Reefies and Pelagics that will love to have a go at these.

There are also soft and hard sinking vibes, and a selection of bait fishing terminal tackle, for dropping around bits of bays and bommies, that will produce some great Mulloway, Snapper and other species.

Gift packed with a ribbon, this set of over 130 items, and includes;

  • Finesse Kabura Slider Jig Head 100gm 2 pack
  • Finesse Kabura Jig Assist Skirts 3 Pack
  • Finesse Slow Pitch Flutter Jig, 60gm 2 pack
  • Swimerz 1/0 Single Assist Hooks 10 pack
  • Swimerz 7mm Split Ring Stainless Steel 25 Pack
  • Swimerz 8mm Solid Jigging Rings 20 pack
  • Swimerz 95mm Soft Vibe 2 pack
  • Finesse Deep Water Vibes 80mm
  • Swimerz 4/0 Inline Circle Hook Qty 15
  • Swimerz 5/0 Octopus Circle Hooks Qty 20
  • Swimerz Size 2 Rolling Swivels 15 pack
  • Swimerz Size 4 Rolling Swivels 15 pack
  • Swimerz Size 4 Barrel Swivel w Interlock Snap 15 pack
  • Swimerz Size 6 Barrel Swivel w Interlock Snap 20 pack

Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels. Accessories featured in images are not included.