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The Performer Fishing Gift Pack


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The Performer is a great present for the fisher who likes to vary their strategy when lure fishing in estuaries and fresh water, jigging Vibes around snags for Bream and Bass, throwing hard body lures at Barra and Mangrove Jacks, or chasing Flathead with soft plastics.

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This matched gift set provides a range of jig heads with matching soft plastic lures, selected top water and diving lures, as well as metal and hard body sinking vibes. The range of lures includes sizes suitable for species from Trout to Tuna.

The Performer contains 27 items, gift wrapped, with a ribbon, and includes –

  • Finesse Naturals 60
  • Finesse Naturals 100
  • Finesse Naturals 160
  • Toppu Mizzu Stickbait 95mm
  • Toppu Mizzu P72 Popper 72mm
  • Finesse Metal 55mm 2 Pack
  • Finesse MK54 Big Vibe 80mm
  • Swimerz Soft Shad 100mm Paddle Tail lure 6 pack
  • Swimerz Assorted Round Jig Heads Qty 9

Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels. Accessories featured in images are not included.