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The Top Water Fishers Gift Set


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Surface lures offer the most exciting fishing of all. This Gift pack includes a range of 9 Hard Body Lures oriented to surface fishing, and is suitable for species ranging from Whiting, Bass and Flathead, to Trevally and Barra, and other species that will readily strike a lure presented on the surface.

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The trick with surface lures is to land them in the zone and then do nothing for as long as you can stand it, say, 20-30 seconds; then give the lure the slightest tap. Often the hit that follows is so much more explosive than you’ll ever see when a natural food item is engulfed off the top.

Cicadas and grasshoppers become very active in the warmer months and a plastic imitation of either can prove irresistible.

The selection comes gift wrapped, with a ribbon.

  • Toppu Mizzu Wakebait 40mm
  • Toppu Mizzu Jitterbug 40mm
  • Toppu Mizzu Sidewinder 95mm
  • Toppu Mizzu Popper 50mm
  • Toppu Mizzu P72 Popper72mm
  • Toppu Mizzu Cupface Popper 110mm
  • Toppu Mizzu Walking Dog 85mm
  • Toppu Mizzu Stickbait 95mm
  • Toppu Mizzu Grasshopper 40mm

Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels. Accessories featured in images are not included.