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Toppu Mizzu Jitterbug, 40mm Fishing Lure


40mm long, weighing 3gram, and equipped with size #10 trebles, the Toppu Mizzu Jitterbug is a classic in lure design.

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The Jitterbug is one of those rare lures that you could truthfully say. There is no wrong way to fish it, as long as it is in the water. Outstanding at any time of day or night, strikes come hard and fast with this lure.

You have to be ready to do battle from the moment you let it hit the surface. The standard way to fish the Jitterbug is to simply cast it out and reel it in fast enough so that it ‘swims’ from side to side, gurgles, plops, and generally creates a cacophony of sound in the water. Strikes are usually sudden, and incredibly vicious.

You want it to land right at the edges, to draw the fish out.

Another deadly tactic is the Stop-and-Go routine. Cast the Jitterbug near likely places, let it rest for a few seconds, then reel it in for a short distance, then stop and let it rest again. Continue this all the way in. Sometimes this will produce strikes when nothing else works, especially at night.