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Toppu Mizzu P72 Popper, 72mm


Fishing with popper lures is one of the most spectacular ways of fishing you are likely to encounter. Due to the lures being retrieved across the surface of the water you are often likely to see the fish chase and strike the lure. They can be used for species ranging from Bass to Trevally.

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Toppu Mizzu P72 Poppers have a 72mm long body and come equipped with Size #6 Black Nickel coated trebles. The body of these lures is transparent, giving the lure more opportunity to gather and reflect light, attracting fish. The face of these poppers has a deep cup to assist with creating a bow wake and splash. Lure weight is 10grams.

The idea behind a popper is that it looks like anything from a distressed baitfish, to bugs, mice or lizards skipping across the surface of the water to get to safety. When retrieving a popper the basic technique is to ‘bloop’ it across the surface, twitching the tip of the rod down so that the lure pops along the surface using its concave head to throw up bubbles and splashes, and leaving a bubble trail in its path as it is being retrieved.