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Toppu Mizzu Sidewinder Bent Minnow, 95mm Fishing Lure


95mm long and weighing 6gm, the Toppu Mizzu ‘Sidewinder’ Bent Minnow lures from Finesse also come equipped with size #10 trebles.

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Deadly on many species including bream, bass, flathead, trevally, whiting and more, Bent Minnow type surface lures are designed to present a natural, erratic action in which it can dart left or right, up or down, and everything in between.

Fish can be very picky about lure presentation sometimes. The Bent Minnow is great for dead sticking because it mimics a dead or dying bait fish.

Designed as a slow floating/suspending lure 'Sidewinder' Bent Minnow’s can imitate a variety of baitfish situations, simply by varying the retrieve used. When twitched softly a few times and then paused, it looks like a small fish chasing hatching insects.

A continuous twitch on the surface of the water produces an action akin to small fish trying to escape a predator, and on a simple retrieve it creates a rolling action similar to an injured baitfish on the surface of the water. Predatory fish can’t stand it, when you finally jerk the lure again after a long pause that lure will get hammered the moment it moves.