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Toppu Mizzu Stickbait Fishing Lure 95mm, 18grams


Toppu Mizzu sinking Stickbaits have a body length of 95mm, weigh approx. 18 grams, and are fitted with 2 x size 6 black nickel coated, rust resistant, trebles.

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Stick baits work best in clear, open water and can be used on the surface of shallow water or the very top layer of water of any depth. Stick baits are not generally a simple cast and retrieve lure. There is a need to impart a little action to get them working really well on the surface. Using a back-and-forth "walk-the-dog" motion will create an action that mimics the movement of a surface-swimming baitfish.

Try casting it in likely spots (around reef wash or around work-ups) and see what happens.

Available in a range of colours;

  • Camo Blue
  • Chartruese Silver
  • Spotted Gold
  • Pilly
  • Green Scad
  • Burnished Gold