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Toppu Mizzu Wakebait, 40mm Surface Fishing Lure


The Toppu Mizzu ‘Wakebait’s’ have a body length of 55mm, weigh 4.5 grams, and come equipped with size 10 trebles. The internal ball bearing rattle provides the rolling action that contributes to a nice tight wobble, improved sound levels to that of softer materials, and contributing too improved distance casting.

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Wakebaits are a surface lure that emulate a potential feed swimming on the surface. Cast and retrieve like a Popper, or troll them slowly to around 1/2 mtr depth. Great Fun!

Toppu Mizzu Wakebaits swim on or just under the surface, depending on the retrieval method, while producing lots of action, teasing fish with a semi-roll that shows its flash and a side-to-side wobble that produces intense strikes.

These lures catch fish that prefer the lure running high in the water column or are holding tightly to structure. A wake bait is perfect for staying in the strike zone longer to invoke a reaction from fish that won’t commit to a topwater lure. Whether you’re fishing still or moving water, or just need a bait that will run over the top of aquatic vegetation, a wake bait is the answer.